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Aminra Introduces a new range of Sri Lankan Blue sapphire collection,
exclusively designed and manufactured by Aminra



  • After 8 (Night wear)

    The “After 8” Collection is designed for those who embrace the urban night life. The colours and the shapes in this collection are specially designed to match functions at night. Our jewellery has won the hearts of those who love elegance and we assure that the customized nightwear designs will complement and add grace to your life style.

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  • 8-5 (Office wear)

    Want simple, but elegant jewellery to be worn at the office? Our 8-5 collection consists of essential office jewellery that enhances the professional outlook you yearn for through jewellery. Designed to comply with the sophisticated professional lifestyle, the jewellery in this collection assures the comfort that makes wearing them throughout the day easy.

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  • Bridal

    A couple dream about being a bride only once in their lives. To heighten the bliss of this special and dreamy day, you need to choose the most appropriate and the most subtly designedbridal jewellery. Aminra Collections excel in identifying the needs of the couple and creating unique designs that highlight the features of the bride and the groom. Bridal jewellery is intended to be for the life time, and we make them last in your happily ever after.

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Why Choose


Quality has kept Aminra Collections ahead in the jewellery industry and the company has been able to comply with the standard quality measures such as ISO and ගන්නඅපේදේ. Using gold biscuits, the company manufactures pure and clean gold products which contain a unique, pure yellow colour.

Customized Designs

Our exclusive customer care service includes crafting customized jewellery according to the physical dimensions of the clients. With the experience gained over the years, we are able to identify the uniqueness of the human physic and provide special consultation to each of the clients when designing jewellery for them. As a consequence, the jewellery that is designed for each of themis unique and designed in order to highlight their features, heights and shapes.

Developing Function Concepts

The consultation services driven out by “Aminra Collections” are unique since it includes designing and developing themes for functions: especially weddings. Our consultation team listens to the requirements of each client and creates a specific design that can be used as the theme of the jewellery and the function. “Aminra Collections”are trend setters who provide a number of options to make your special day even more special.

Exchanging Old Jewellery

Although some designs never go out of fashion, there can be clashes of generation gaps when you need new jewellery designs instead of the hereditary jewellery.Come to “Aminra Collections” for we will measure the stock of gold and design new jewellery according to the modern concepts and your specifications. “Aminra Collections” have given the opportunity of exchanging old jewellery as a mode of payment.



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