Quality Policy

The foundation of the company “Aminra Collections” is the quality that was preserved for generations and utilizing various criteria to safeguard the quality of each product manufactured by the company. The base of the success of the company is the devoted and industrious artisans who are involved throughout the jewellery manufacturing process. They are experts in the field of designing jewellery and have years of experience and complete a training regarding the latest updates in the field. The entire production process is under the surveillance of the master craftsmen who verify that every piece of jewellery is cautiously crafted abiding to the standard measures.

The company’s inclusive quality control system and firm vigil is upheld at every production step. The need of the hour and global competency is taken into the strict consideration in order to advance the company’s manufacture capability. Moreover, the premier intention of “Aminra Collections” is to exceed the expectations of the customers through delivering a high quality piece of jewellery. Thus the customer care service of the company at all times preserves the quality, reliability, safety, sophisticated technology and after sale service.

Jewellers in Sri Lanka
Jewellers in Sri Lanka

“Aminra Collections” use only the refined pure gold biscuits to manufacture the jewellery. By using only quality materials, the company preserves the excellence of the products. Apart from the purest form of gold which delivers a unique colour to the jewelleries manufactured, all the other precious stones and metals used in the procedure of manufacturing jewellery at “Aminra Collections” are qualified to be certified.

Above all, “Aminra Collections” adhere to the Assaying and Hallmarking process carried out by the National Gem and Jewellery Corporation. The Assaying and Hallmarking is “A quantitative analysis which fusion is used to separate precious metals from other alloying metals in a known amount of sample, using approved analytical methods.” (National Gem and Jewellery Corporation)

By adhering to the international and local quality standards, the company generates the integrity within its web of exclusive customers while establishing its name in the jewellery industry one of the premium jewellery companies.

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